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* Charme des chalets & petits groupes * 


Multi-activity in Finland
Discovery of the Taiga

Dates : 12/05 to 2020/12/19 - 01/02 to 21/02/06 - 03/06 to 21/03/27

Winter stay

8 days / 7 nights


Vacation type

2 days of dog sledding, 1 day of snowshoeing, 1 day of Altai skiing, 1 day of trapper, 1 free day.

Group size

2 to 6 pers.

Activity level




Day 1 : Kuusamo Arrival

Upon arrival, transfer by vehicle to the village of Hossa about 75 km south of Kuusamo. Installation in the chalets. First briefing with your guides. Dinner with the team.

Accommodation: Comfortable chalets with sauna

Day 2 : Snowshoes

A discovery circuit accessible to all despite some differences in level. We will follow the ridges of the HossanJarvi, then make a loop to return to our starting point. The landscapes of the Sépiniemi peninsula are splendid and very varied. From April you can observe many animals from the far north and maybe see a moose or even a bear! Snowshoeing is one of the essential and authentic means of discovering the white gold of Lapland. Descent of ridges in technical slides, lead the group in turns with your compass, map and of course some advice from your guides, snowshoeing is one of the must that any apprentice adventurer who wishes to discover Lapland in what it has more intimate, must experiment like a coureur des bois of the old days.

Accommodation: Meal & Night in your chalets.

Day 3 : Dog sled

First contact with our “Nordics”, Huskys, Alaskans and Greenlanders. We mostly discover the fundamentals of sled driving and dog teaming techniques. Two by sled you will be entrusted with a team according to your weight and size (from 2 to 3 dogs for children from 10 years to 5 dogs for some adults), you will need to get to know these wonderful, courageous companions from the North and cuddle at the same time, put the harness on them and help your Mushers to harness them. Then we left for the sensations of gliding on a large lake to start combined with the light breath of dogs and the screeching of skates on frozen lakes is truly an unforgettable experience. The circuit becomes more forest and sometimes more technical. Picnic around a good fire in the heart of the forest. Experienced in harness driving, we set off through the park's forest tracks. From December to the end of February, the snow-covered trees offer a postcard landscape that Walt Disney would not have denied. Perhaps our dogs will flush out some snow partridges or arctic hare carpeting at the bottom of this wild boreal forest and frozen by the rigors of the arctic winter! At the end of the afternoon we return to the base, so take care of the dogs and equipment with your guides. Take care and hugs to your dogs who have worked with and for you too.

Accommodation: Meal & Night in your chalets.

Day 4 : Free day

Rest day or optional activities depending on availability.

Accommodation: Meal & Night in your chalets.


Day 5 : Dog sled

Already initiated to dog sled driving, you leave for a second day, in the footsteps of Jack London!

Accommodation: Meal & Night in your chalets.


Day 6 : Lappish day and trapper activity

We take you to discover one of the national sports of the northern countries: hole fishing, just to test this famous ice fishing for yourself; this activity is really very typical of these regions. Be careful if the waters of Hossa are very full of fish, you will still have to be patient, very Scandinavian patience ... to hope to catch perch, pike, trout or possibly salmon that your guide will teach you to smoke traditionally for lunch. After the meal, your guide will introduce you to orienteering and survival techniques in the far north, how to make a fire with the natural minimum, orient yourself, recognize animal tracks and make a shelter for survival in the snow.

Accommodation: Meal & Night in your chalets.


Day 7 : Altai ski discovery

Breakfast at the chalet. Then departure for a beautiful day of “ALTAI” forest skiing through the spruce forest and the frozen lakes: these skis, halfway between touring skis and snowshoes, will be perfectly suited to the playground that you waits even if this is a ski first for you: their use is very instinctive and natural. This new material inspired by the skiing techniques of the inhabitants of Altai has recently experienced a real craze among local skiers who love nature then, whether you are a beginner or not: groomed and off-piste tracks are waiting for you! You will have a picnic around a good fire before leaving for the powder the rest of the day!

Accommodation: Meal & Night in your chalets.


Jour 8 : Airport transfer for return flight

Departure in the morning with perhaps a few northern lights as a souvenir ...

les tarifs

Prices (Price per person)

8 days / 7 nights - From saturday to saturday

€ 1800

FROM 12/05 TO 20/12/12

FROM 12/12 TO 2020/12/19*

FROM 03/13 TO 2021/03/20

FROM 03/20 TO 2021/03/27

€ 1920

FROM 01/02 TO 2021/01/09

FROM 01/09 TO 2021/01/16*

FROM 01/16 TO 2021/01/23

FROM 01/23 TO 2020/01/30

FROM 01/30 TO 2021/02/06

FROM 03/06 TO 2021/03/13

- Christmas and New Years Eve extra: € 75/pers.

- Minimum age: 10 years old

- Child discounts: - 15% for children under 12, - 5% for children under 14.

* The price includes :

  • Transport activities and airport transfers.

  • Chalet accommodation to share.

  • Full board dinner D1 at breakfast D8.

  • Activities and support by a qualified guide

  • Cold boots & coveralls.

* The price does not include:

  • Flights

  • Christmas Eve at the reindeer farm (Christmas and New Year)

  • The insurance.

  • The alcohol.

  • Optional activities.

  • Personal purchases.

  • Cold weather jacket rental: €15/ day

  • The deposit of € 1,500 per snowmobile (by check) and € 100 per person for the equipment.

  • Privatized chalet: Contact us


About your experience stay in Finland



The varieties of lakes, rivers, canyon lake, specific features of the park, have founded its reputation. Elected park of the year in 2011, it was also a place of important human settlements in the Neolithic era: the site of Varikalio with its cave paintings, testifies to this even today. One of his paintings, a representation of a man, has become the symbol of the park.


Frontier track, yesterday one of the most watched borders in the world, reserved today for border guards by snowmobile, it is open to sleds by special permit! We will join a trapper's hut open to the rare adventurers still animated by a pioneering spirit.



It is in harmony with your abilities that we will take you to discover this last virgin territory of Europe, for six days, far from the major tourist centers of Lapland. The search for pure sensations, true emotions, sometimes forgotten, is what our team of wilderness outdoor guides, true enthusiasts and our impatient pack of Husky and Greenlandic dogs want to make you live an unforgettable experience! Dog sledding, snowshoeing, altai skiing, life as a trapper ... for a discovery of taiga and techniques for progressing from the far north.

> See your chalet at the Taïga Lodge

IMPORTANT: the sequence of activities in the indicated order can sometimes be limited by local weather conditions, as well as by the level of participants

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